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Chair Racing Student Handbook

Have you ever felt a chair was more than a shelf for your behind? Have you always wondered what your Spirit Guide is?, or daydreamed on what it would be like to be in control of a possessed ‘Chairiot’, that is as wild as a horse in a high-speed race? Then sights and sounds await you at Glen Duncan Polytechnic Schools of Chair Racing, Graving and Invoking unlike any other in the land.

Don’t understand what a GRI is? Don’t worry. Unsure of how a Ceiba Xibalba tree is skinned? So what! To help prepare you for your School interview and beyond, inside you will discover the answer to both questions, and many more unusual topics such as...

  • How an Internal Spirit Engine works?

  • Managing your Chairiot's reborn behavior in weeks.

  • Finding your Spirit Guide, and what does it eat?

  • How to avoid a Freshmen’s nightmare, the Greenwood Gross.

  • Racing Garb style and use.

  • How a boiling pot of pork soup can make metal fingers dance.


The pages within this handbook will be indispensable throughout your education as a Chair Riding student; each sheet of pictures and print your personal teacher. A great deal can emerge from an ill-raised Racing Chair, so reader beware - the onus is all on you.

Set in 1941, Chairiots is a How-To handbook with over 100 illustrations, and is a sneak peek into the World of Chair Racing.

Digital edition: 45 pages

Publisher: Goforth Books (May 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0995922501

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